Discovering the GPT Store: Remarkable Metrics You Haven’t Seen Before

The GPT Store is a new platform that allows users to create and access custom versions of ChatGPT, the powerful conversational AI from OpenAI. It was launched on January 10, 2024, after its initial announcement on November 6, 2023, has quickly become a hub for AI enthusiasts and developers. OpenAI reports that over 3 million custom GPTs have been created, with 159,000 of these available publicly in the store.

Main Features:

The store features eight main categories including Top Picks, DALL·E, Writing, Productivity, Research & Analysis, Programming, Education, and Lifestyle, catering to a wide array of interests and needs.

Who can access the GPT Store?

Access to the store is exclusive to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, Team, or Enterprise, with subscription prices ranging from $20 to $30 per month. Notably, the store was expected to open in November 2023 but faced a delay, eventually opening in January 2024. OpenAI plans to introduce a GPT builder revenue program in the first quarter of 2024, allowing creators to monetize their GPTs based on usage. This innovative platform also provides Team and Enterprise customers with a private section, emphasizing the importance of privacy and customization.

A Few Metrics:

Despite the vast engagement, with around 6.1 million monthly visits from Google search results, conversations with GPTs are designed not to be used for model improvement, ensuring user privacy. GPTs, which are customizable versions of ChatGPT, offer developers the ability to integrate real-world actions and APIs, with Enterprise customers having the option to deploy internal-only GPTs. The platform is based on ChatGPT Plus, which includes information updated up until April 2023 and has seen the highest user engagement from the USA, followed by India, Japan, and Canada.

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