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Exploring New Frontiers: My Journey from Compliance Innovation to AI.

Hello there! I am Vishal Yadav, the Founder of HowGptWorks.com. My journey commenced in the intricate domain of compliance and credentialing, dedicating 17 enriching years to innovating solutions that significantly bolstered safety and efficiency within the US healthcare landscape. My tenure at symplr was marked by pivotal roles, starting as a Chief Programmer and eventually leading the Research & Development Division. Today, our efforts have paid off, with symplr’s solutions being a cornerstone in 9 out of 10 US hospitals, a testament to our commitment to excellence.

At symplr, my contributions were characterized by the creation of pioneering tools such as the symplrPass CheckInStation, among numerous other patented innovations. These tools have redefined the benchmarks in vendor credentialing, solidifying our stance as leaders in the field.

While my initial work wasn’t rooted in AI, the evolution of technology and my passion for innovation led me to the fascinating world of artificial intelligence.¬†Today, I’m collaborating with my former colleagues from symplr, now my partners in exciting new ventures. Together, we’re channeling our collective expertise into pioneering products for the marine and sports/athletes industries, as well as introducing an innovative healthcare solution where compliance and credentialing continue to be pivotal to our success. My current research in AI, particularly in the realms of Generative AI and Large Language Models, fills me with awe. Reflecting on our journey, I’m fascinated by the potential of these AI advancements to redefine solutions for challenges we faced in our past projects. The possibilities these technologies present are truly astounding.

My transition from compliance solutions to AI research represents a leap towards harnessing AI’s potential to solve complex problems. This platform is where I share my journey, discoveries, and the transformative impact of AI on industries that once relied on conventional methods. Join me as we delve into the future, exploring how AI can redefine the landscape of compliance, efficiency, and beyond.

Welcome to a space where past achievements meet future innovations, all through the lens of AI.